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To learn the gesture, we advise you to use a neoprene glue to stick the heels on the back of the shoes, the kind of glue you use to glue your shoe soles, if you do not have one at home, and if you wish, we can provide it for you.

The bonding must be carried out by an adult and you must follow the bonding instructions described by the seller.

For beginners, we advise you to stick the heel on an old pair of sneakers to learn the gesture and also anticipate the defect that you may have! => heel tilt to the right or to the left (see tip tab)

This kind of glue will allow you if necessary, to take off the heel and to stick it back.
Be careful not to tear off the colored layer of your shoe.

When you have mastered aerial roulette, you can stick the heel on the football boots of your choice with a neoprene glue or better, a two-component glue compatible with leather and plastics.