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The learning of aerial roulette is described for right-handers, for left-handers, it is enough to reverse the feet.
Step 1: Place the right foot in front of the ball
Step 2: The spoon of the heel is ready to receive and wedge the ball
Step 3: The left foot is positioned as close as possible to the ball to block it.
Step 4: The left foot blocks the ball between the heel and the left kick.
Step 5: The left foot rolls up the ball, then the right foot lifts back to lift the ball.
Step 6: The left foot retracts to touch the ground and allow the player to regain balance and the right foot whips the ball so as to catapult it in front.


1 - Learning the gesture is done by walking to master steps 1 to 5. You will need patience to learn the technical gesture, a bit like when you started juggling.

2 - When steps 1 to 5 are mastered, you can perform the gesture in small strides by repeating steps 1 to 6, and you will be happy to see your balloon rise higher and higher depending on your speed.

3 - When the technical gesture is mastered, you will see that at full speed the ball can be catapulted 10 to 20 meters in front of you.

4 - Now that you have mastered aerial roulette, imagine what you can do on a soccer field or indoors!

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